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I have been asked so many times to pass this super good recipe and finally I can write it down over here for everyone. This soup is super classic many of you have heard of gazpacho and this is like sister soup to it. It is also served cold normally with topping of grated egg and cured iberico ham and super finely chopped parsley which I love but I really like to take classic recipe and twist it a little.

The recipe comes from south Spain however it is very fresh, super tasty and healthy. Almost all cold sups are here to refresh you and fill you up with something simple, tasty and healthy. Something that is around for you in hot summer and does not leave you feeling overly full and uncomfortable so you could work few more hours. Imagine that you are a worker on the farm about a 100 years ago, sun is blazing 45 degrees celsius and you have not much just bunch of tomatoes and old bread and plenty of work on the farm.

This recipe thick all of those boxes it is very quick and easy to make, can be done in advance for couple of days and I think it taste even better like that, it is suitable for vegans, vegetarians can be done for people with gluten intolerance. For simple one yo need just three ingredients water, old bread and tomatoes however I will pass you some cool tricks that are now-days done even in best Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona and around whole Spain to make it super special and unique with that modern touch.


1kg cherry tomatoes, preferably very ripe cut in half

Couple slices of old sourdough or 1/2 french baguette cut in small peaces

High quality cherry or balsamic vinegar 1/2 dl

Slice of white onion and slice of garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

Mirin sauce (optional)

4 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil

Elaboration is supper easy first add all ingredients to a big enough bowl or tupper and leave it in the fridge leave it in the fridge for couple of hours or better overnight. I the morning, mix it in the blender for 10 minutes until it change to orange colour and it is quite warm. It is normal and essential in this recipe and I recommend you to use thermomix number 10 and 7 - 10 minutes if you don't have thermomix any other mixer but no hand blender as it is not normally quick enough and requires such long mixing time.

Once you it is blended and should be texture of smooth yogurt like texture pass it through fine sieve and let it cool before storing in the fridge. Serve it supper cold in the summer.

Classic garnish: grated hard boiled egg, Iberico ham cut in small cubes, salt, pepper and spoon of chopped flat leaf parsley and drop of olive oil. all of this ingredients are sprinkled on the soup individually just before serving.

My recommendations:

1- Cured mackerel fillets, artichokes, and strawberry

2- Cured onion in beetroot, pickled cauliflower, boiled egg, cured ham (optional)

3- you can also add to the soup fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, melon

Thank you very much for reading I hope I have explained it well to you but as it is such a simple recipe you will not have a trouble making it. I recommend a good quality blender at least 1800w. If you make it let me know how it went and give us a shout once you come to Barcelona maybe you will need me to cook for you? I am going to be adding plenty of tricks and recipies that I use in my private chef business.

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