Rice and nori cracker, an appetiser many people will be amazed.

Very easy recipe I am now using as a Bistronomy private chef in Barcelona for my tasting menu events and catering business. Takes some time but requires only about 6 minutes form your time as active preparation.

You can start 4 days before and finish i ton the spot. I have been developing this recipe for a while and finally I think it is ready and it works perfectly. Applications are actually endless I use it as aperitif with scallop and kimchi sauce tartar and people are always asking to share my recipe so here it is.

You need a good high-speed blender, Pot that is big enough, oven, baking tray and baking sheet to dry the mixture or dehydrator if you have one. I have tried both and both are fine.


All you need is risotto, paella or sushi rice 1 cup

Vegetable stock 1L

Dash of soya

Pinch of Thai spice blend (recommended but essential)

Nori sheet


Olive oil to fry

First step:

Cook rice with a stock for at least an hour. The idea is to completely overcook the rice to a mash. Don not worry it really Works I have tried different times just make sure that rice is completely cooked and wet just like smooth risotto so if you need to cook it more and add drinking water if it requires. Think of the texture as a wet porridge. Once done cool slightly but not cold as it will set.

Second step:

Blend a couple of nori to a powder, add Thai spice blend and at last the rice. Blend at least 5 minutes until smooth and season with salt and pepper.

Third step:

Take a baking tray or tray from dehydrator and prepare baking paper that fits in it. Spread the mixture on it about 1 to 2 mm thickness and set in oven 50- 70 degrees Celsius. If using an oven makes sure you have the doors slightly open to make sure that the steam can escape during the drying process otherwise it will cook and not completely dry. Once it dries up take it from the oven and store in airtight container, brake it up to 5-7 cm chunks once fried it will expand its volume.

Fourth step:

Prepare deep frying pan, tray with a kitchen paper on (place where you put freshly fried cracker) and some crackers. Now heat up olive or vegetable oil and fry for 3 to 5 seconds making sure that you do not burn the oil and not colour the crisp. If your oil smokes you will have to change it and start again. Use small thongs. Fry just one at the time once fried take it to the paper ray and season and let dry from oil and once you have few change the paper and now it is ready to serve on its own or with fish or with scallop tartar that I am going to show you now.

Scallop tartar:

1 scallop

1 Lime

Kimchi sauce 1 tea spoon

Sesame oil 1 small spoon

Salt & Pepper to taste

Utensils: microplane or sharp small grater, knife, small bawl and a spoon

First step:

Take kimchi sauce, sesame oil, grate some lime zest (only green) with microplane (if you have one) season with pepper and salt to your liking

Second step:

Dice scallops, I prefer the scallop cooked quickly by lime so I dice 1 scallop to about 5 peace and tan I mix it with dressing and serve it.

Optional garnish:

Ginger, borage flowers, chive, and sesame seeds maybe little bit of shallots, fenell, caviar Tartar can also be used as a canapé on its own

You can pair this with Prosseco, good Cava, or White whine: Reasling, Godello or Albarino

Serving tips if you are making this for some special occasion and have few courses prepare the crisps couple of hours ahead, dressing and cut the scallops and save it in the fridge once you want to finish it just take it from the fridge mix the scallops and dressing and putt he mixture on the cracker but be careful you don’t want to do it too much ahead as the cracker goes moist and scallop will get cooked with lime in about 5 minutes.

Instead the scallops you can also use: Salmon, lobster, prawns, mackerel, sea bass, tuna any fish, just make sure you get it fresh from the fish monger you trust. Because of listeria you can freeze the fish to 24 hours before serving.

Lastly thank you very much for your interest in my blog, reading and following it as I am going to be doing every month something new recipes and tricks things to visit etc. If you are visiting Barcelona or Catalonia do not hesitate to contact me for my private chef and catering services or chef a domicilio en barcelona. I am going from strength to strength and that is because people keep booking me and that is what makes me going. If you would like any special tips or you have any question please do write to me or comment on here and please let me know how have you been using this recipe.

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